September 3, 2012

My Monday Morning

This autumn's first Monday morning. 

I took a few snapshots during the morning while I was sitting in front of the mac promoting my favorite brand of them all; tinekhome.

There's something really special and unique about autumn;
I think it's the colors...

Have a lovely week

My cool mouse pad is designed by Tine and made of brown leather. Actually a place mat, but I think it's very useful on my desk too. It's not in stock at the moment, but you can click here to reserve it online (also available in black).


  1. Nydelige bilder du tar:)Og så mye lekkert du har fra tineK! Er du så heldig å jobbe med dette? Fin kveld videre du

  2. Tak :) Ja, jeg er så heldig at jobbe med marketing for tinekhome; web, blog, facebook, katalog, PR osv. Verdens bedste job :) Dejlig dag til dig.


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